Business Management System initiates business activities, making critical decisions, introducing business solutions, and employing business tactics. We are able to deliver a very intelligent system to manage small businesses providing management staff with tools for planning, monitoring and controlling management activities and measuring business performance, and to implement continual improvement processes within an organisation. The system idea identifies the principles of the successful organisation’s existence and it’s closely linked to business success criteria. You can manage all of your business objects including the followings within the system.


In today’s complex business world, a company must ensure it has the right systems in place for managing customers. The system will provide for collecting and collating customer data is necessary for research and analyse information such as customer behaviour, buying preferences and demographics.

Customer retention and loyalty are important goals for successful companies. These businesses aim to retain and develop a core customer base should use the system. Good customer management enables businesses to ensure the services they provide are in line with what the customer wants. Importantly, it can also identify further opportunities for growth.

With the system, you will be able to capture customer feedback. This valuable information can and should be used by management. Positive feedback can be built on to offer even more great service and negative feedback can be corrected and acted upon.


As part of efficiency in sales, quotation management is a critical success factor for businesses. We know about processing the content, the preparation process, and the management of quotations and contracts are essential components and success factors in the sales process. The system offers a scalable tool designed to facilitate the entire process of preparing quotations as well as the quotation management and make it more efficient, adjusting to each situation and each customer’s priorities.


By using the system you will be able to manage your daily task very efficiently. The systems have many features including the followings:

  • The system will allow you to easily create tasks for yourself or assign to others according to permissions. You can keep track of the things you own, need to get done, want to remember, or need someone else to do.
  • The system provides ways to organise your task list into shared projects. It also allows ways to customise workflows to fit the way you manage tasks.
  • You can divide a task into smaller parts or divide up the work across multiple people. Track each step needed to complete a task.
  • Setup alerts on due dates ensure every task on your list gets completed on time and know all the tasks your team is working on and when it will be done so you can hit deadlines and get results.
  • You will be able to comment directly on a task to clarify exactly what needs to be done.


The system will provide a sophisticated solution that offers ultimate flexibility over billing and invoices in a future-proof framework that supports the universal models and allows you to act rapidly and make profits. The system offers many features including the followings:

  • You can automate invoice scheduling with a late fee and payment reminders to get paid quicker also ensures better resource utilisation and cost cutting.
  • There is the facility to credit adjust and can be used by clients for making advance payments. The credit balance can be carried forward for future subscriptions.
  • You can invoice clients in the language and currency of their choice
  • You can have customised templates for your invoice according to business requirements as well as add or remove multiple additional fields according to the business layout. Adjust group discount options or group tax options.


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