We have developed successfully a very smart educational institution management system which will help you to provide best quality education is the main objective of any academic institution. Hence the management of the academics is even more important, we believe our system will provide you with the easiest way to manage the institution.

All academic management modules of are smartly integrated starting from student registration to completing the course. The main modules as follows:

Student Module

You will be able to maintain student life-cycle for their entire academic curriculum. This module is used for complete student record keeping right from their admission till placement. Each activity of the student is recorded in a systematic way without duplication which will provide an efficient way to maintain all student transactional information e.g. Fee History, Certificate History, Complaints, Submission, Notes, Leave, Promotion etc. Different Statistical Reports and Projection Reports can be obtained through eMLi which can be useful in decision making.

Attendance Module

You can register the attendance of the student in two ways. One, as he enters the campus and second in each lecture he attends. This module provides automated timekeeping and attendance tracking. The system also provides a powerful solution to maintain the attendance of the employee of the organisation including academic Staff, administrative staff and other staff.

Course Module

Course management is the process of Defining and Organising Courses for each program based on the curriculum set by the University. The system offers tools and a framework that allows the relatively easy creation of course content and the subsequent teaching and management of that course.

Time-table Module

Time-Table Generation is the major headache of any institution. With our system, you can easily prepare your time-table for different class and divisions. The students can also be divided in Batch / Division in academic management. Hence, Time-Table Management Module will enable you to create time-table for each division.

With the systemTime-Table Module, you can easily set particular lecture for a particular day. Since timetable is completely integrated with attendance system, you need not to separately maintain a timetable for your attendance system.

Exam Module

Examination Management is an integral part of any academic institution. The Exam Processing is full of variety in functionality as the examination is the ultimate method of the evaluation of the student in the education system. The system will manage your examination in a well structured and systematic way.

Result Module

The system provides transparent, secure and smart processing mechanism for the Results Making Process for your institute. Result Processing Module is completely integrated with Pre-Examination Processes and Examination Processes. Institute have a bigger picture of their student's progress.

The Module is designed in such a way that gives power to the administrator in managing all the activities from a single interface. Institute need not worry about the violation of norms as you with can set your organisation specific norms for Passing and Gracing. There is always a scope of Unfair Means in every examination.

In the education system, the student always feels that they are given lesser mark then they deserve. They apply for Re-assessment. The system will take care of all such students who applied for re-assessment. The entire management of re-assessment is covered. You can set panel, assign answer paper to assess again, set the changes after re-assessment. This Module can also be customised as per the specific requirement of the institution.

Certificate Module

Educational Institute need to maintain each and every record of the student during the course. During the study, the student asks for various certificates as an Identity Proof or Authentication. Once a student is enrolled in the institute the system will start keeping track of each certificate given to the student.

Providing a different certificate to the students and maintaining records for received applications and issued certificates is a bit tedious task for the administrative office. Moreover, some certificates require certain criteria to be fulfilled before issuing it. While some certificates require being issued for a specific number of time in a year or entire curriculum. The system enables Administration to maintain these records with ease.

Hostel Module

This module can be used to manage student accommodations. Room management which includes for checking out empty and allocated rooms. Register can be generated of all student records.

Library Module

The Library Management Module is all about the library and its functions. Library racks records are managed. The administration manages the authors, publishers, and editors records along with the circulation and requisitions processes.

Employ Module

Using employee management in the system, will be helpful to keep track of employee status. All activities carried out on regular basis are also maintained. Staff members can also maintain their regular lectures work out, storage, upload projects. Even Employees attendance is managed regularly./p>

Payroll Module

Organisation under comes to the great responsibility of hiring new employees and with that processing their time to time salaries keeping in the record of their leaves, overtime, performance, attendance and etc. So as many things are checked so chances increases of less accuracy.

Transport Module

The Transport Management helps the management to administer all the university transportation. It includes the vehicle management, fuel and maintenance, vehicle visit, its sales and depreciation.

Communication Module

The system has a powerful tool to maintain all your communication. You can keep tracks of all inbound and outbound paper communication. The reminder facility of the Tracking System gives you a greater strength in monitoring your communication and response. The system provides parents login for each student with authenticating password. Using this parent get to know about the profile of their child.

Parents get information regarding current academic progress from the statistical reports. Parents can also provide suggestion if they need to the administrator.

Students can get alerted through the emails. Any kind of notice/event scheduler or any new schedule for lecture decided can be known through mail.

Even mass mailing can be done to all employees for their routine up to date and remain active in the academic environment. Thus organisation will be very effective and growth of it will be affected by this small steps.