We have developed a sophisticated Money Transfer Management System to automate full business cycle with most up-to-date technology on the web which will ease the operation with efficiency and ensure the highest security.

If you are in money transfer business; you can take advantage of our money transfer solutions to reduce your investment risk and not have to worry about management. You can use our solutions to manage your entire agent network in a highly automated and centralised manner. Extensive features and the highest level of usability and support from any money transfer software gives you the control and functionality to grow your business.

Take a look at our rich feature list below to see how Money Transfer Application can help you.

Modern and easy to use Interface

  • Every user will have a role on the applications and they see only the features they have access and which is the matter to them.
  • Embrace the world and access your Money Transfer system on the move with your desktop, tablet and mobile platforms.
  • The application will give your branding a boost through customised white-labeling while branding all receipts with your company name and logo. Custom Interface for different roles.
  • No need to worry about the technical aspect – all you need to start your business is a computer and an internet connection.
  • You will have a comprehensive dashboard area to help you gain quick access to system’s major functions.
  • Real-time notifications in the dashboard will help you to keep you updated.

Intelligent Transaction Management

  • A smart customer search from where you can bring customer details directly for the transaction if the details already in the system; a very easy way to add or update customer in the process of making transactions.
  • Automatic checking will be done for customer and beneficiary with HM Treasury sanction list.
  • One click checking for customer linked transactions.
  • Automatic calculation of rate and commissions will be done.
  • Facility to set up transaction restrictions based on transaction amount
  • Automatic Proof of Identification and Proof of Address requirement indication and facility to add those while doing the transactions.
  • Automatic generation of Declaration form and Source of fund according to set rules for the organisation
  • Improved documents attachment as every transaction keeps its own copy of documents attached to it at the creation of the transaction and at payout transaction.
  • Smart facility to manage, block and process the transactions which will make the business process very transparent.
  • Set rules and auto apply your rules to transactions going through the system. Where a transaction fails your rule, it is automatically flagged. This ensures that no transaction goes through the system that could be fraudulent or flagged by compliance auditors.
  • We understand that cash flow is fundamental to any business and in turn you may need to offer flexible payments to your clients too. To help you manage this and to keep your payment options flexible, we have included features such as payments through Cash, Debit and Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Cheque and can be a combination of any of those options.
  • You can offer your customers to pay transactions amount on installments; you have the facility on the system.
  • Open to customization according to needs.

Convenient Customer Management

  • Full customer list will be recorded into the system.
  • Facility to add and update customer record as needed.
  • All beneficiaries data will be saved on the system and properly linked with associated customer.
  • Improved facility to see and manage customer proof of identification and proof of address. Options to upload any number of documents on the system.
  • Facility to check duplicate customers if inserted by agents and options to merge records if necessary.
  • Flag transactions that appear to be linked based on name, address, sender, beneficiary and bank account details. This helps spot laundering of money to the same or related beneficiary.
  • Open to customization according to needs.

Smart Rate Management

  • Facility to add rates for all or specific agent
  • Options to add rate of any combination of agent, bank and transaction type
  • The agent can add their own rate if necessary and earn exchange profit while calculation with the head office will be calculated with the original rate.

Smart Commission Management

  • Facility to set transaction commission/charge
  • Facility to set specific commission for the certain agent as well as a general commission for all agents.

Agent Management

  • All agents information will be saved in the application which you can update on demand.
  • Options to add new agents with specified commission rates.
  • Very convenient way to manage agents documents
  • Share necessary resources and documents with agents to perform operations properly.
  • Options to manage agents payments and view ledger balance as necessary.
  • Monitor agents activity and facility to blocked them if necessary.


  • Immediately monitor and analyse your business activities with general graphs and detailed reports.
  • Clearly evaluate your business’ profits with the profit & loss reports, pay-out ledger report and pay in ledger report facilities.
  • Effectively manage and monitor your currency buying and selling activities.
  • Quickly access and view your customer records to streamline your business processes.
  • Stay up to date with all business set your percentage margin.
  • Clearly evaluate your business’s profit & loss reports.
  • Open to customise and add new report according to business demand.

Query Management System

  • The application enables you to a three-dimensional query system. You can query agents and bank, where bank and agent can query to you.

Notice Board

  • The application has a stylish notice board where you can post a notice for the specific time period for a certain agent or for all agents.

User Management

  • Keep your data protected with various permissions and separate user interfaces for cashiers, administrators, compliance, and auditors.
  • Always be aware of the activities previously performed on your system with user action history.
  • Empower your agents to self-manage their staff on the platform and run reports on their data.
  • Activate or deactivate users as necessary.

In line with Compliance (AML & KYC)

  • Money laundering is a very serious issue and one which affects not just economies but businesses too! To help your business stay ahead of the game, we have integrated the relevant modules into our software to ensures peace of mind with transactions that are fully traceable to the sender or beneficiary through our linked transaction checks.
  • The application has extensive searching facility with the database to identify the number of transactions received by the beneficiary or transmitted by the sender over a given period of time. This will give a good indication of the possibility of illegal activities.
  • Get to know your customers better with our quick and easy to use the application. Add key data to each customer record such as personal information, or even a photograph. Our application will help you keep your customer records up to date and in top condition.
  • With the application, it's really easy to know exactly who your clients are and verify their identity. Keep up to date with our simple forms and secure your KYC compliance.
  • With the system, you are capable of protecting your business from illegitimate activities, abusive by blacklisting suspicious senders and receivers and scan all senders and receivers against the HM Treasury sanction list.
  • You are able to stop transaction on compliance failure and identify by transaction amount threshold very easily according to your business rules.

Data Security and Storage

  • Security is paramount for any application so we ensure the highest level security with many options according to your needs.
  • You have the option to select who has access to certain areas of the system and enable control to multiple roles.
  • You have the ability to set a time limit after which the user gets logged out automatically.
  • Data backups are a critical part of the data protection and recovery process in our system. We can periodic data back according to need.
  • You can easily scan and upload customer documents such as passport and driver’s license onto the system. Use our easy customer search to retrieve and print out the documents when you need it.
  • You can integrate the most advanced technology with our application data storage such as Amazon web services or drop-box.

Extensive configuration options

  • The application has a comprehensive configuration option by which you can add update all entity which related with your business.

A Fully Responsive Integrated Website

  • It is evidently important a presentable visibility in online so you will get an integrated website with the system which will promote your brand to in online.


  • Rest assured knowing you have the support when you need it through email and telephone.
  • Focus on your core business targets while we provide you with 24/7 site monitoring.
  • We provide easy training for Money Transfer Application, to ensure you get the most out of your software.