A “case” is a compendium of information, processes, advanced analytics, business rules, collaboration, and sometimes social computing that relates to a particular interaction with or issue involving a particular party like a customer, supplier, patient, student, or defendant. The case file will involve a collection of customer communications, forms, process documents, reports and supporting documentation, and will need to be managed for compliance and audit.

From this understanding, we designed to manage all this to help drive more successful, optimised outcomes – even as they also attend to and secure the individual bits of material contained therein.

Matter Management

The system provides facilities so you are no longer required to fill out forms by hand to put in your paper file. The system requires you to input your client's data only once then populates this information into any legal form or document relevant to your matter. You can see all your client's details as well as the matters in which they have been involved. The system is smart enough to show you if any conflicts of interest among your clients.

You will have a smart way for searching and find your matters instantly within the system.

You will be able to configure things as you want so many form elements will be automatically selected as configured to save a huge amount of time. you will be able to keep all matter related correspondence, documents, emails, forms, scans and faxes in one place. These will be saved in your preferred way either in the cloud (Amazon S3 or Dropbox) or your own server which you can easily find, view and access every matter related document on one screen.

Document Management

All of the information stored in a powerful central database relevant to your cases and files allows you fast and effortless document production by a single mouse click. Documents can be generated and can also be ‘bundled’ into paginated single packs. The system also provides a fully searchable, central document library and knowledge/precedent store. Incoming items can be scanned and stored digitally within the relevant cases.

The system will provide ways to share documents with your clients securely. You will be able to see if a client has viewed the document and revoke access at any time with certainty.

Keep all forms in one Place

Don't waste time searching multiple websites for the correct form. You can save all the forms with relevant information inside the system then you can find it directly from the system.

Crosspendence Management

Every email sent within the system will be standardised and look professional. Every email automatically stored to the relevant electronic matter within the system so all staff can access the correct email correspondence at any time. SMS text messaging is available at the click of a button, and can be incorporated into the workflow to automatically send messages at key file stages.

Integrated Accounting System

The system provides you ways to reduce the number of billing errors as well as capture all recoveries and disbursements owed to you. You can perform the most complex client accounting transactions for minimal cost and can, therefore, spend less money on bookkeeping. The system makes the billings process of generating bills easier and helps get the work done faster.

It makes it easy to follow your client accounting responsibilities so you can look after your client's money accurately and safely whilst complying with your professional obligations.

Ongoing alerts and colour-coding for each element on the screen presenting all relevant costs information ‘at-a-glance’ for fee earners and management. Reporting and analysis across all budget categories on an individual case or global basis

Task and Time Management

A full diary facility is linked with all case activities, with automated reminders to ensure important events are not overlooked. You can view all information needed to consult with your client on one screen. Both the timesheet and the client's critical information is viewable so you have all the information you need right in front of you. With the system, you will never miss a minute of your chargeable as you can start recording time straight away and allocate it to a matter once created.

Keep up to date with charges

You can configure and update change at any time which gives you peace of mind knowing that all legal rates and charges are updated within the system keeping you up in efficiency.


A user-definable reporting allows in-depth interrogation of any element of data contained within the system and can even be scheduled to auto-run at set times/dates and be distributed to pre-defined contacts, all with no manual intervention required. With one click you can export all time entries to a spreadsheet, take a snapshot of your outstanding invoices, work-in-progress and aged debtors or generate an instant snapshot of all invoices for analysis.

Integrated Website to Reachout Audience

We know legal marketing needs which will help you stand out from the crowd and attract clients. In this digital world almost everyone having access to the internet in one way or another, it is necessary to have a website to market your services.

We build and designs your website according to your specific needs and hosts it for you so you make the ball rolling. Our team is dedicated to helping you to grow and have already developed many personalised websites. Mobile devices are rapidly becoming the most common way in which consumers use the Internet as more than 65% of consumers say that a mobile friendly website makes them more likely to purchase a product or service. We will build your responsive website which will be fully functional and display beautifully on any device, ensuring potential clients never miss out on accessing your information.