If you are a busy automobile traders who wish to spend more time with your customers and cars than doing the paperwork and keeping the accounts up-to-date then this application is a fantastic choice for you.

Dealerships vary from one-man-bands working a small lot to large dealerships with several sites and hundreds of stock vehicles. This application can manage any form of automobile trading business.

We developed the application closely with automobile traders so it has a solid foundation for running such business. General purpose business software can't provide the accurate functionalities for such business because when it comes automobile business lot of functions have to carry out in a very specified way where our system stand out and just works for you straight out of the box.

You can get the systems with vehicle registration lookups and postcode lookups to aid accuracy and speed of use.

There are many features including the followings:

  • Role base access so user will get what is permitted for him.
  • List of customers will be stored in the system and you will be able to search those customers.
  • Full history of customer trading including payments and invoices
  • Options to store deposits and carry out general operations for proceed with those deposits
  • Profit Margin reports on each vehicle sale
  • Profit and Loss reports for any period
  • Intelligent vichcle check system will provide information to take decision to buy it or not
  • Print customised Sale or Return Agreements
  • Print customised Pre-delivery Reports
  • Assists free checks on MOT and Road Tax
  • Print customised Pre-delivery Reports