How we work

How we work

We believe it is very important how we take care of our works. By careful specification, high-quality development and rigorous testing, we aim for the highest possible quality in our dealings. In every project, we follow some solid rules which make us successful in meeting our commitments.

Make realistic schedule

Rule 1. Make realistic schedule

We divide our project timescale in steps and setup outcomes for small, frequent deliverables, which makes it easier for the project team to track progress and detect any slip early. We emphasise to solve the most challenging features early in the project and take account the top features on the priority basis.

Get specification precise

Rule 2. Get specification precise

The key to making the project successful is doing the effective functional specification of the project work. In new product development, the specification is the nucleus of the document and prototype that can be changed through customer feedback and market demands. It’s always up to date and available to everyone in the team.

Setup correct environment

Rule 3. Setup correct environment

For every project, we define environment according to its needs so the development or support team using different platform and tools for the best realistic achievable outcome. We make the precise environment for quality assurance tactics secure with precise testing according to the specifications and requirements of the project.

Develop according to the specification

Rule 4. Develop according to the specification

Development Based on the agreed specification, our teams of senior developers then create the web-based application using a combination of a database and Rapid Application Development ('RAD') tools. This approach saves us time and your money, as well as ensuring stability, reliability, performance and security. All development takes place in the UK.

Keep everyone informed

Rule 5. Keep everyone informed

Communication One of the major issues in software development services is communication. We create a facility for every project so that client can communicate effectively throughout the development life cycle of the project which also helps track the legacy of decisions, and eases the knowledge transfer at project delivery.

No compromise with quality

Rule 6. No compromise with quality

Our comprehensive testing while development and after setting up the product by development and quality assurance team verifies functionality, performance, reliability and compliance with requirements. We use industry-standard issue tracking systems to track change requests and defect reports throughout the life-cycle of the project.

Provide legendary training and support

Rule 7. Provide legendary training and support

The details training will be provided to operate the system. A comprehensive service level agreement is activated on the launch of the system which includes priority bug fixing, assistance with any functionality you’re unfamiliar with and access to our online assistance system alongside telephone and email support.

Our project management carries out with a firm response circle between our client and the project team, to provide clearness with the client in the development and support process, and to ensure the project is on schedule and on budget through recurrent objectives and consistent follow up.